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Francesco Cavalli


Halifax Summer Opera Festival 

Halifax Summer Opera Festival 

August 5, 6, 9 & 12, 2017


Carmen C. Kruse

Stage Director


Eszter Horvath 



Kelsey Stanger

Costume Designer


JoAnna Black

Fight Choreographer

Light Bulbs

Amber Sanford

Light Designer

L’Egisto tells the story of two pairs of lovers whose lives get upset by gods. Whilst Climene and Egisto are separated for a year from their partners, Lidio and Clori, they are subjected to Venus' and Amor's charms and influence. On their return to the island of Zakynthos, they find them united as lovers. Climene's brother Ipparco, who is madly in love with Clori, insists on his sister taking revenge on his rival whilst Venus and Amor are watching, trying to stop the reunion of the lovers.


The directing team around Carmen C. Kruse stages this opera in the 21st century, translating the timeless themes of Cavalli into a world shaped by social media role models, Greenpeace whale saviors, and party excesses. It tells the journey to adulthood of these four young people as they navigate their way between public image and personal responsibility. 

Creative Team


Vol. LVIII, No. 2, 2017

"Cavalli’s early Venetian opera L’Egisto (1643) takes its inspiration from classical mythology and the consequences that follows gods and humans as they love and betray each other. Director Carmen C. Kruse’s modern dress production incorporated cellphones as props, reconciling the early baroque score with a lively, often humorous presentation.

At the August 6th matinée, the star-crossed lovers were soprano Katherine Lerner Lee as Clori and countertenor Andrew Pickett as Lidio. Perfectly matched, they were delightful, flirtatious, unrestrained, and cleverly insincere. (...)

The performers were buoyed by an orchestra of violins, cellos and harpsichord under the direction of Eszter Horváth." - Daphna Levit


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