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Orchestra Hall, Staatsoper Stuttgart

 November 27, 2018

In a world destroyed by greed, capitalism and war, filled with distrust, hopelessness and hunger, the Fabrik offers an alternative way of living by building an army of model citizens who have left all their human emotions behind. After a strenuous acceptance process, new recruits are trained night and day to shed their human emotions, individualism and complications behind, becoming a better human being and getting ready to steer the future of Earth. Meanwhile in the rubble of a broken world, a small group of freedom fighters starts to build a residence: SDDS Defiance


SDDS Defiance, a 4 hour musical theatre project, was developed with a choir of 60 amateurs and choral music from Puccini (Madama Butterfly), Weber (Der Freischütz) and John Adams (Nixon in China) under the direction of Carmen C. Kruse and Manuel Pujol.


Carmen C. Kruse

Stage Director


Manuel Pujol

Musical Director

Creative Team

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